The 13th Again…..

When you sign on to the THPL life, you, more than likely, dispose of superstitions and realize that your life is yours to make.  There are few reasons why we would even believe in superstitions but when you live the active life, the one that you control and create these “out of my control” circumstances become a curiosity and not a material part of our life.  And so what to do on a day like today, Friday the 13th , the second of three Friday the 13th’s in 2015.   Do we react with trepidation or do we continue boldly on our THPL journey.  We know, that it is the latter but since learning is part of the journey here goes….. This day has not always had a bad wrap.  It is only since the 19th Century that it has been a day associated with “bad luck” (two words that I find not part of the THPL lexicon).  As I was reflecting on the “day” and how we could turn it around into a “positive” I thought, how about sharing the info about why there are three Friday the 13th days in 2015.   Here is what I found

From what I read Thursday is to blame.  The year 2015 started on a Thursday. Whenever a normal year of 365 days starts on a Thursday, it’s inevitable that the months of February, March and November will start on a Sunday. And any month starting on a Sunday always has a Friday the 13th.  It is that simple…


The February-March-November, Friday the 13th trilogy repeats … More often than you might imagine! The last February-March-November Friday the 13th year happened six years ago, in 2009, for the first time in the 21st century. It will next happen eleven years from now, in 2026. After that, the following February-March-November Friday the 13th year will happen eleven years after 2026, in the year 2037.  Here’s to many Friday the 13th days, we will enjoy them all.

 Loving life….and Friday the 13th!