What Can I do For You

THPL it is about so many things that are good for us.  It brings a focus on the three key elements of personal fulfillment – what is not to love about maximizing Life, Learning and Fitness.   And when we get on our THPL journey there is only benefit that we get in our own lives.  And then there is that moment when we realize that there are others who can benefit from our views on living the THPL.  So, what if we reach out and ask those who are around us what we can do for them?  When we make this step life can even get better – it gets better because we can help others.  Helping others is a key part of our THPL mission and when we offer help we need to make sure that we are offering the help such that it is how they want it to be.  It is always better that we let them decide how they want us to help.  Really all we have to do is make the offer and then to be ready for when they want help.  Whenever we find that someone requests help we need to prioritize their needs and the activities that they want to pursue.  This effort is indeed, all about them.  The more we serve the better they feel and the better we feel.   So, share that THPL energy, do for others, and have fun doing it.             

Loving life, when I am helping others on their THPL journey