We All Need Reminders

To take the THPL journey we have to be strong of mind.  There are distractions galore, there is never enough time and there are often not even good role models for us to emulate.  The challenge to stay the course then can be daunting.  We cannot let the fear of what “might be” stop us before we can accomplish that which we know is essential to our THPL journey.  And so one antidote is to find sources of guidance and principal that can help us both when we are strong and other times when we are more vulnerable.  In this regard here are a few themes that can serve as a reminder for how to live a strong THPL.

·      Reflect on your progress every day – take time to see what  you have accomplished – just the sheer act of daily reflection can make you better

·      Tolerate discomfort – it is not always easy on the journey, the more we accept this the better we do.

·      Think positively  - yes; often over emphasized but when you are positive good things do happen.

·      Be willing to fail – failure is part of the process – we learn, we grow and we feel better when we do accomplish what we set out for ourselves.

Try them on for  “size” see how they fit.  They will feel better every day we press forward on our THPL journey.

Loving life, when I actually feel like I am living the THPL