Dream hard

THPL is both a practical and impractical.  It provides a metaphor and a method for how to live.  It brings challenge and consistency.  And it allows us to put “big thoughts” into play.  A “big thought” can feel like a dream.  Something that we want to do, that feels like a stretch, that we are not sure we can achieve.  It peaks our interest and can push us forward or it can flame out.  With too much thought it becomes fleeting….

To turn that “big thought” to action we have to dream hard.  To dream hard requires the heart rate to elevate, that we take action, stay focused, that we obsess about the dream, we take the step after step, and we rarely tire, and then as if watching a painter with her canvas the dream starts to resemble reality.  Heart rate back to normal, we are indeed doing more than we thought we could……

Loving life, when we dream big


Joey g