Getting better

On your THPL journey if you hang around enough high performers sooner or later you are going to want to improve.  This improvement can be in any of the three THPL themes – life, learning or fitness.  And the improvement plan that we can embrace is similar across the board – it sort of comes down to a few areas that we should focus on and then the proper execution to match these focus areas.  The following are a selection of focus areas that can help us improve :

·      Focus on our weaknesses.  It is fun to train and / do what we are good at.  It is harder to go at our weaknesses but it is here that the most improvement will happen.  Establish a cadence and frequency to practicing the area in which we know we can do better.  After a modest period of time we will see improvements, not of only the weakness, but our overall performance.

·      Hang out and train or practice with people who are smarter, faster, better, or a role model for what you are trying to improve in.  For example find a faster runner to run with.  Do it as often as is reasonable.  Ask questions, follow their lead and benefit from the depth of their experience and expertise.

·      When you least feel like practicing (or doing) then you need to embrace the moment and press through the doubts  - it is at these times that we have to overcome the mental barriers that prevent us from improving our performance.  Put the doubts behind, start easy, stick with the plan, and before long momentum will have been created that will demonstrate that the mental barrier can be overcome and that the rest of our “system” will follow through.  Breakthroughs happen at these moments.

Getting better, improving performance, achieving goals, they are all about the decisions we make, the follow through that we deliver on and the desire to be true to the THPL mission of improving personal performance and personal fulfillment.  We do it ourselves and this in and of itself is “us” getting better…..

Loving life, getting better every day