Halo Effect

As I was in a conversation today talking about using a role model as one of the best ways to describe what we meant by someone who lived the THPL life.  The commenter said well, you know….“they” have the halo effect.  And it got me to thinking, “halo effect”.  Yes, Halo effect, a (mental) bias in which the overall impression of a person, influences the feelings and thoughts about that person’s character or behaviors in a positive way.  So, it sounds good – they must have done “something” to develop such an attribution.  Goodness to be there for sure.  But then does such a designation leave the person to plateau?  Having been seen in this way do they keep working it so that the “halo effect” stays real?  Or do they rest on their laurels given they have achieved such a status.  The question is a good one.  The answer, on the THPL journey obvious.  We cannot allow ourselves to think about who we are based on a temporal, point in time, when a label or designation is achieved.  Rather we need to keep a humble and balanced view of who we are and what we do achieve.  It is great if someone thinks we have the “halo effect” just let’s not believe it too much ourselves. 

Loving life, and the prospect of a halo in our future