With Finesse

There are on times on the THPL journey when we are in “go mode” and the easiest (or seemingly) way forward is to push and push till you get to the goal.  And there are times that this is indeed a good approach, when time is short or there are no other options  - then brute force works.  But for lasting success and to get the most positive result for all requires using finesse – or some combination of skillfulness, subtlety, artistry, or panache.  Taking this approach might even take more effort or more time or more patience but in the end getting to the goal with finesse works much better.  Finesse leaves less damage and provides for a smoother way forward for all involved.  So, next time you have a big challenge in Life, Learning, or Fitness, bring a bit of finesse and I bet you will like the result a whole lot better.

Loving life, with finesse in hand and my heart