It’s time to defend

We all know and have commented from time to time, that THPL is not about politics.  And at the same time, from time to time, it is important for us to reflect on what we hold true in our THPL community and on our journey.  They are simple values and beliefs.  They start with Respect for everyone and everyone. There is nothing more powerful that respecting each other for who we are and how we are similar and different.  We all share the planet, our country, our community and thus we need to protect the common good, sustainability, prosperity and service to each other.  When any of our values are attacked we have to defend and do so vigorously.  With a healthy and defined approach, we can turn our defense (of values and respect) into a way of living that is good for everyone, each of us included.  We can make a difference, let’s defend the crazy beautiful life that we know we can have.  It is the right thing to do and then some.

Loving life when I defend Respect for everyone.