Our right to vote

There are many elements of the THPL journey that we believe are just good hygiene and we as practitioners of THPL embrace and execute on them.  We talk about them frequently, supporting others, volunteering, practicing what we believe, and so much more.  And then there are other very important responsibilities that we have if we are to live this THPL life. One of them is executing on our right to vote.  We know that it is the way that we can influence what goes on around us and allows us to express our opinions.  It would be remiss of us to not use this wonderful right that we have to make the world a better place because all voices are heard and not just a few closest to issues.  Embracing our right to vote just as diligently as we do the rest of our THPL life is of paramount importance and let’s all commit to making it a priority and something we will have on our permanent goal list.  Yes, voting is that important.

Loving life when my voice is heard