Exercise really does matter

It is hard to be on the THPL journey and not find a place in one’s life for exercise.  It is one of the core elements of how we live, and it satisfies so much of what it is we need to live up to our potential.  And yet we know that there are times that it is difficult to fit exercise into our busy lives.  With more and more research showing that exercise is good for so many things, including brain function, it is important to stop and think about how it is that we can add the requisite exercise to our regimen.  Recent studies show that exercise helps with memory function due to growth in the hippocampus (an important part of our brain) as a result of exercise.  So, let’s use this research as yet another reason for making exercise an essential part of how we live.  It really is hard to find something that has as good an effect as exercise so let’s do it and reap the benefits. 

Loving life when I am exercising