In the way

As we make progress on our journey we start to build up momentum and we can feel a positive energy that comes from our progress.  The feeling is infectious and we keep at it to maintain that which we need for our journey.  And then it happens, something gets in the way, some obstacle that we were not expecting.  For a moment we are destabilized, and we have to assess the situation.  It is at this moment that our THPL skills kick in.  We intuitively know that there is always a way around the “obstacle” and we start to find a way around it.  With an understanding of what is going on and what is it the way, we can start to use the resources that we have access to and the learnings that we (or others in our community) had along the.  Getting good at getting around or over obstacles is a critical skill and something that will pay dividends throughout our journey.  Getting stuck is not an option and we benefit when we are prepared and practiced for when the proverbial speed bump or pothole gets in the way.  No stopping us, that is for sure!

Loving life when I get around what is in the way