What I Learned

Our THPL journey brings with it so many positive aspects.  We experience more than we would otherwise, we spend time with extraordinary people, we see different and diverse things and so much more.  And even with all of these positives, it is notable that what might be the most impactful benefit is that which we learn along the way.  We learn the best ways and the ways to avoid.  We learn how to do it better and how to share this with others.  We learn that every time we take something on, a new challenge, a new opportunity that the best thing we can do is to bring an open mind and an open heart and a desire to learn and an acceptance that making mistakes along the way will be part of the journey,  For it is in that special learning moment that we become better and the THPL journey is realized.  A blessing it is indeed.

Loving life when I am learning and learning and learning