Challenging moments

It is likely that if we stay on the THPL journey long enough that we will find ourselves facing something that we have not faced before.  An interesting dilemma for sure.  It might be that while we intellectually know that we need to deal with it, address it, work through it, we might be resistant.  The resistance not coming from a lack of ability, rather a reluctance to want to go through a difficult time. And then it is important for us to push ourselves so that we can overcome the resistance.  We need to tell ourselves that the unknown or the difficult are not reasons not to press forward.  We can do it ourselves, we can bring others to help us, either way, once we start to work to address the issue it all starts to come together.  Our forward momentum builds and we get past the obstacle. It is a great feeling to be done and to learn that each time we face a challenging moment all we need to do is to engage, be present and follow through and we can conquer anything. 

Loving life when I get over the challenging moments