Free solo

On June 3, 2017 Alex Honnold climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope.  His journey is chronicled in a National Geographic documentary called Free Solo.  His climb is regarded, for so many reasons, as one of the great athletic feats of all time.  The preparation across his physical, mental, and emotional states drove him to a position of incredible strength and readiness to take on such an amazingly difficult challenge.  In under four hours, he ascended El Cap and conquered what many thought was impossible, 3,000 feet straight up without a rope.  It is really an amazing example of true THPL focus and execution.  At every moment along the way Alex had to bring his best to the climb, a reminder to us that we can do just about anything that we set our minds to.  It is so cool to be reminded of this…for sure.

Loving life when I take on hard problems