Give it away

It is not surprising that for those of us who spend a lot of our time on the THPL journey that we amass a lot along the way. It can be gear, possessions, knowledge, experiences and so much more. It is truly of benefit to us to hit this stage along the journey. And not because we need to have this much of anything. Rather it is because it is at the point when we have enough that we realize the magic of the THPL journey is upon us.  We can now use what we have amassed, on every level, to give what we have to others.  We can start to enable others with our knowledge, experiences, our stuff.  We put in the effort and we got a big return and now we can do the same for others.  It is powerful and ultimately rewarding when we can give it away. The smile that we receive in return is not to be beat.  It is after all the reason that we spend so much time on the journey….give it away indeed….   

Loving life when I give it away