Never long enough

The journey that is THPL contemplates a lot, all about thoughts and ideas, about community and acquaintances, about family and friends, about challenges and goals and so much more.  What we do not contemplate is for how long we will be on the journey.  The end comes when it comes and should never come earlier than how life is to play out.  We will never be able to understand why someone would choose to shorten the life of any human being, for any reason.  It is never justifiable, and we have to find ways to bring ourselves back to a world of more civility, care, and kindness and one where differences are allowed and where we can all find a way to find our own path on our journey and be happy for what we have and for what all others have.  Words and actions matter, and we need to think about this all the time with the reason and purpose to create a world that is better than it feels sometimes. 

Loving life when we care deeply enough to do something