Try something new

We love doing what we are a good at, we love being familiar with where are going, we love being around people we know.  Having familiarity with where we are and what we know just makes life that much easier.  Less energy spent, more efficient, more effective.  And so how long will we be satisfied with that which we know and feel comfortable with?  Seems that on the THPL journey that this does not last forever.  We start to get antsy when we get it nailed, have it working, and know what we are doing.  We start at these moments looking for new ways to live and experience life.  We start to explore, investigate, try something new.  For it is in the search for something different and new that we amp up our system and make us feel better.  Learning is good for us.  New is good for us.  Let’s go after it with energy and enthusiasm and be happy with being different and better all the time.

Loving life when I try something new