make an investment

We rarely talk about the investments we make on our THPL journey.  And in most contexts “investments” equate to the hard dollars that we would use to buy or allocate resources to something we are interested in and we would get a return from that investment.  It does not work the same on our journey, that is, the investments that we make are things like, focus, determination, effort, practice, attitude, and so much more.  They cost us nothing in the traditional sense of the word but they do require the same kind of commitment that we would make with any investment.  We have to take care as to how we make these investments, we have to understand how to use our resources and we have to measure our success when we do so. The key for us is to know that the ability to invest in our THPL journey comes from us, intrinsically, and it is there, at all times for us to use and to benefit from.  Let’s make sure that we do indeed invest in our journey in big ways and when we do we will get big results.

Loving life when I am investing in my journey