We who climb higher

We all know that there are certain “truths” that underlie the THPL journey and we work on being good at living them every day.  One of these “truths” is that we who climb higher do so when we help others.  It is intuitive, and it is actionable and under our control.  And yet it is good to remind ourselves that the biggest reward comes from using our experience, our resources, our time to do things for others.  We can do it often or infrequently – what really matters is that we do it and we encourage others to do this as well.  Often, we will just do this unprompted, but it also can be when we are asked to help out – we just have to say yes, make it easy for someone to ask.  Know that our return on time comes from helping others.  It is a true blessing that we are granted on our THPL journey.

Loving life when I am helping others