Happy Halloween

There is something, quite endearing, about October 31st and the celebration of Halloween.  A holiday believed to start over 2,000 years ago of Celtic tradition that took root in the modern day in the last century.  And it is just fun to see adults, and kids alike, take the moment, to don costumes and have some good ole clean fun.  Dress up, be a bit silly, have a bit of candy and other treats and do it without worry or stress.  Whether we participate or not it is great that we can do things like this as it shows that we can still have a level of humanity and humility and that we can drop the pretense and the problems and enjoy life.  And on days when the journey gets tough it might be good to remember that on this day, the day of All Hallows Eve that it is better to smile and enjoy than it is to do anything else to make life just that much easier and tolerable.  Happy Halloween to all – boo!   

Loving life when we get dressed up