An end is necessary

When we start on the journey we do so with big goals in mind.  We set the goals and then we work to achieve them.  It is a rather simple model.  It works because we define an end, a finish, a way of measuring the attainment of our goal.  And then imagine how difficult it would be if we set out to achieve something and we did not set a goal or an endpoint.  We might find that not knowing when we would be done is a big obstacle and can be one of the reasons that we do not finish what we start.  The understanding of where the end is allows us to focus and to push to the end when we get close. A lack of a finish line or a very specific goal then ends up being the reason that we don’t complete what we start out to do.  So, let’s make sure that when we take on a challenge, in any part of our THPL journey, that we establish a goal and an endpoint, and we measure ourselves along the way.  When we do this, we can achieve a lot and when we fail to make the end defined we become victim to the simplicity of how to succeed in life. Here’s to setting goals and making them happen.

Loving life when I know where the end is