Getting cold outside

It certainly is not winter and yet as we move along our THPL journey at this time of year we start to feel the cold just a bit more.  It is a bit startling at first, it is different, we are not used to the cold and it seems to put us in an odd place.  And there is the risk that the cold will influence what we do, or don’t do, and it will affect our planning and organizing.  But after a few more weeks we will start to acclimate to the cold, it will not be as difficult to get around and we will start to do those things that we do in the cold (or at least complain about it less).  Overall, it is a good reminder that we do adjust well to changing conditions, that we can adjust and embrace what it is that we are affected by.  So, here’s to getting past this initial cold wave and embracing winter (which is just around the corner). 

Loving life when I am embracing the cold