If you say it

There are many things that we learn along the THPL journey.  One of them is that we are in charge of the way that our journey unfolds.  We have agency over what it is that we do and once we get our head wrapped around this life just gets better.  Important to this process is learning that when we say something, commit to something, sign up for something, then we need to make it happen.  How we do it can change from time to time but the intention to get it done, to complete what we committed to – this should not change.  We are in charge of what we commit to so let’s make our “hallmark” that our follow through is even better than our commitment and that everyone can learn to count on us for the commitment to follow through model of .  It is for sure good for all when we do this but especially us.  Here is to saying it and doing it!   

Loving life when I am do what I say.