Inspired to act

We know that there are amazing people on their own THPL journey and from each example we can learn and be inspired by the decisions that they make and the actions that they take it.  And today Outdoor clothing company Patagonia inc. took their commitment to be earth friendly to a new level.  Patagonia, has committed the $10 million it saved from federal tax cuts championed by President Donald Trump to nonprofit groups who work on conservation and climate issues, according to a LinkedIn post by Chief Executive Officer Rose Marcario.   The release last week of the fourth U.S. National Climate Assessment gave urgency to the decision and for this we are all beneficiaries.  From this amazing move we should all feel inspired to think about how we can contribute in our own way to saving the planet.  It is after all our responsibility to take care of it and this is a very good time to move in this direction.   

Loving life when I can take care of the planet