The struggle within

It is said, and we grow to believe, that anything is possible on our THPL journey.  It is a mantra that we use to keep us from quitting before we start.  That if we choose to do something, we put in the work, give ourselves enough time, that indeed we will get to the goal that we set for ourselves.  This does work, and it works in almost all of the circumstances that we can imagine.  Yet, as we go down this path it is good for us to embrace our insecurities, to do so even when we are at our best.  It is important to do this because the darkness that can get in our way can be dealt with when we find self-control amidst the hardship that can come during a challenge.  We hear it again and again, even the best grapple with the prospect of failure and what we think about ourselves.  And from there is where the possibilities do open up, we are free to embrace the feeling that is inside us that pushes us forward, that makes us unwilling to quit, that feels on the inside what it looks like on the outside – that we are indeed living our version of the high performance life.  Indeed it does

Loving life when I overcome the struggle