From a distance

There are times along our journey when it is important for us to get more centered around what matters.  There are indeed times when how we think, how we act and what we do really does matter.  We cannot allow, anything to stay on a path towards destruction, even if it is not close by, nor seen day to day, nor felt directly. We have an obligation to be informed, to translate that to understanding and then to doing something about it.  Antarctica serves as one of the most important parts of mother earth.  Housing 70% of the worlds fresh water, the most pristine of environments, a very important ice cap and so much more it is critical that we start to think about the impact we are having on Antarctica, even from thousands and thousands of miles away.  It is more than a place of beauty, it is a place that serves as a foundation for how we get to live.  It is time to find ways to protect her and each of us has to be committed to this mission.  Antarctica matters, even though it is far, far away.

Check out this three-minute video made by National Geographic that brings home the message in a visually beautiful way.

Loving life when I care about Antarctica