Grab ten minutes

Seems that some of our days on the THPL journey just go by too quickly.  We get up early and before we know it we are racing to get to bed so that we can get back at it the next day.  And yet we know that 24 hours is a lot of time to get a lot done.  The question we have to ask ourselves is, if we found ten minutes, how would we use it?  The first step is to figure out what would we want to do – it is fun even just thinking about how we would use ten free minutes.  Then once we have completed the process we can then decide when in the day we want to use that ten minutes.  All sounds very exciting and even invigorating.  We then make the commitment to ourselves and do what it is that we planned for the ten minutes.  Once we get this process successfully executed we can do it again and again and maybe even more frequently and for more time and then see what happens – feels like it is going to be a good thing….that is for sure 

Loving life when I find ten minutes to do what I want