Always time

We know that time is the one commodity that is finite.  We have just 168 hours in a week and depending on how many goals we have, how many commitments, it might seem that there is just not enough time.  Then we hit the holiday season and it seems to be even harder to manage our time.  Yet if we think about it and we force ourselves to build a tight schedule we then can find time to do the things that we want to.  And when it gets tight, when the things we want to do count up to more hours than we have then we need to step back and prioritize what it is that we must get done, what we need to get done and then what we want to get done.  What we put in to each category is up to us but to the degree that we do this objectively then the more we will get done and the more satisfied all will be.  Here’s to using our time well – it is all we have

Loving life when I use time well