Peace in our Heart

When we choose to live the THPL life, to go on this journey, we do so knowing that there will be struggles and challenges and they will impact us in ways unknown.  And in some way, this can be compounded by events not of our control, events that in some way bring tragedy closer to us, when we feel the pain of some kind of loss, personal or related.  It is from this place that we should look deeply into our heart and think about all that we have, to embrace in a real way our blessings and look beyond the here and now to give ourselves hope and optimism for what life is about.  We know not what is around the corner but what we do know is that how we think about life will affect our lives, and our journey and the lives of all whom we have contact with….. and when we have peace in our heart it is indeed a better world by definition.

Loving life when I have peace in my heart.