Spirit of Exploration

We know innately that the way that we live on our journey has many elements of exploration embedded into it.  While our exploration is put into the context of what it is we look for outside and around us.  It all starts, from inside us – it feels like courage and curiosity, that burning need to see, to explore, to find out.  We need to feed it, to follow it, to embrace it.  We feel better when we allow it to guide us and how we traverse our journey.  It is not enough to just go to the same place over and over.  Exploration is about the unknown, the unfamiliar and learning about it.  Let’s feed this spirit alive inside ourselves, let’s tap into it, and embrace it and turn this THPL journey into a vibrant and rewarding life for us and those around us.  We are explorers after all.

Loving life when I am exploring