National Hot Cocoa Day

National Hot Cocoa Day, what a fun idea. It does seem that on a cold day on our journey that a hot cocoa would be great.  And it gives us pause that we can think about a day as being any kind of day that we want to make it into.  If we can make a day dedicated to hot cocoa, then we can dedicate a day to whatever we want.  Which allows us to let our imagination wander. What should tomorrow be?  National Kale Day?  And the day after that – how about National Book Day and then National Walking Day and so on.  We can dedicate days to that which we want to focus on, we can share them as we see fit, and we can turn ordinary days into special ones just by the designation that we give them.  So, let’s get it going and make some days into “national” holidays – what better can we do on our journey.  

Loving life when tomorrow is National Fun Day