655 times

This past weekend Camille Herron set a record for the longest distance run in 24 hours around a track, that was 655 times around a quarter mile track.  The distance clocked out at 162.9 miles.  An amazing athletic feat and an unbelievable mental effort.  There are so many incredible elements of what Camille was able to achieve, and it is nothing sort of remarkable that she was able to run these distances at speeds that approximate fast times for regular runners.  It is inspiring as much as it is confounding – how can someone do this – what is it that Camille did to make this result happen. Training yes, for sure, fitness of course, mindset the difference maker.  Camille held it together longer than we all could imagine, at any speed, around a track.  And from this amazing result the opportunity to be inspired to do something big, in our lives, that pushes us to dig deep, to push beyond, to be great for a moment.