The blog that wasn't

THPL has been on quite some journey, more than six years, blogging every day and loving it, well most of the time. There are days that writing is as hard as anything one can do. Pushups are easier…..LOL And yet there is nothing more satisfying than writing on a daily basis, it gives a sense of purpose to the day, it forces one to think, it allows for creativity and there is learning with every post. Which leads to this post - maybe it will go on out on an email blast - maybe not. The combination of my blog platform and my email system are not too happy with each other. Many hours have been spent trying to figure out what is wrong. Nothing was changed from one day to the next and it just stopped working. Not that this is the first time this has happened with technology but for sure it is frustrating when you cannot figure out what is wrong and getting it to work again. So, for now, the blog will be here - and soon - we hope it will be back in email boxes (for those who read it this matters more). In the meantime please send some smoke signals to the tech gods and ask them to send good vibes and maybe even a solution. Here’s to getting it to work again and the next six years of writing….

loving life when I am blogging