The Farm Bill....Really?

Seems a bit odd to be talking about a “farm bill” on the THPL journey.  So why we are interested in a piece of legislation.  Normally we don’t’ need to worry about such things but in this instance,  there is a part of the farm bill that does affect how our journey plays out.  As it turns out a key provision in the bill is the legalization of industrial hemp production.  This seemingly innocuous, run of the mill plant, has some amazing healing properties.  The flowers and leaves of industrial hemp have a compound called CBD in it that is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help us work through some of the normal challenges we face on our journey like chronic pain, stress, sleep issues and so much more.  And so, with the passing of the bill CBD can now move into the mainstream and provide us with a natural alternative to the pills and medicine that many of us take to keep going.  So, here’s to the government doing something (natural) for our day to day performance – maybe they are not so bad after all….
Loving life when others do something good for me