winter solstice

It is upon us, the day in the northern hemisphere when the sun is the lowest that it will be in the sky.  We call it the shortest day of the year, the day that winter starts and the day that we start getting a bit more daylight as the sun starts it rise into the sky.  This winter solstice is even a bit more special this year as we have a full moon happening at the same time.  It is unique when we think that the next time it will happen like this is in 2094.  So, let’s see if we can enjoy this interesting combination and take a walk outside, look up into the night sky, appreciate the beauty and the special moment that we are able to experience.  Nature and the world around us give us so much that we need to appreciate it and feel good about what we have. So, let’s wave at the moon and know that tomorrow we start to get a bit more sunshine back in our day.  Yes, indeed!
Loving life when we pass the day called winter solstice