the gift of company

We are all committed to staying on our journey, regardless of the time of the year, a holiday season or not.  And there are times like this (the holiday season) when we have to think beyond ourselves and our mission.   We want to think about what others need, what we can do for them, how we can spend more time with them.  The gift of time is always appreciated and even more so when we use it to do something that would be of great help to the recipient. Maybe taking their dog for a walk, cleaning up a mess, changing a light bulb, the choices are endless the positive impact priceless.  The season has so much more meaning when we share personalized gifts. So, let’s make it a priority to give at least one gift “of company” and more if we have the time to do so.  A grand and wonderful holiday season it will be, indeed it will.
Loving life when we I give the gift of company