crossing antartica

One of the rewarding parts of our THPL journey is to stay tuned in to the amazing human performances that go on around us.  They happen pretty much every day – we just have to tune into what is happening in the far-flung corners of the world and performance.  And right now, we all have an opportunity to experience one of these incredible challenges – over the past 54 days Colin O’Brady has been skiing across Antarctica enduring crazy cold temperatures, poor weather conditions and so many other challenges that it would be impossible to imagine being there and working through it.  But the great news is that Colin completed his solo, unassisted traverse and he became the first person in history to complete the journey.  It is inspiring beyond words to see what we can do when we decide to – Colin showed us again that our THPL journey is there for us to do with as we see fit.  The “pen” is in our hand – we can write our story as we want to see it develop.  Let’s start now – there is no time to wait
Loving life when I can experience amazing journey’s