why not.....wait

As if it was not extraordinary enough that Colin O’Brady made it across Antarctica he decided to camp out at the finish line and wait till Lou Rudd completed essentially the same challenge.  Colin felt that it would be appropriate to wait until Lou finished so that he could congratulate him.  Staying in 20-40 below zero for a few extra days to do the “right thing” is just remarkable.  Such an amazing show of humanity, compassion, and support.   Lou completed his challenge two days after Colin and became only the second person ever to ski solo and unassisted across Antarctica.   His accomplishments as an adventurer are documented and amazing and he deserves the same accolades that anyone who has taken on a huge challenge and completed it should get.  So, here’s to both finishers – may they get warm in the near future and inspire all of us to do something that feels uncomfortable but is worth every minute of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Loving life when I wait for the next person to finish