A big push

Less than 30 days to go in 2018 and what a year it has been.  A quick review will tell us that we have had a great THPL journey with much accomplished and much to be proud of.  And this extends beyond what each of us did individually into how we supported each other to achieve our goals. When we work as a community we perform better.  So, as we finish up the year let’s perform in a strong and purposeful way.  First with a review our 2018 goals and a hard push to get them all done.  Then a reach out to members of our community and see how they did with their goals. Is there something that we can do to help them with their big push?  We can make the offer and then follow through.  So much more gets done with this kind of year end focus for ourselves and our community.  Here’s to a strong finish, which happens when we focus and execute.  A good plan for sure.

Loving life when I focus and execute.