The five-minute drill

We start each day of our journey with 24 hours.  Sounds like plenty of time to get a lot done.  So, how about we start thinking about some things that we want to do with our time but heretofore we have not had the time to do it.  What if we decide what it is we want to do – read a book, exercise, spend time meditating, the choice is up to us.  Once we figure out what we want then let’s just commit to five minutes to do it.  A very easy goal to achieve, admittedly, but also a way to start with success. Success that we can build on.  We go from one time at five minutes to more minutes per day to more and more days and before we know it we have established a new habit in an area that we wanted to get it done.  Great progress starts with just five minutes, indeed it does!

Loving life when I am doing my five-minute drill