A different place

There are some places that we get to go on our THPL journey that seem to be similar to where we spend a lot of our time and then there are some that just feel different.  It could be the terrain, it could be the climate, the people.  Different in this case is the goal.  We learn more when we see things that are not like ours.  We see different ways of living and dealing with challenges.  It is and should be a moving experience and one that we seek out.  As we think about where to go and what to do in 2019 we should consider looking for a different place to visit.  Take four minutes, watch this video - https://vimeo.com/ab/manaslu - it is a good example of how different it can feel. The Himalaya are some of the most beautiful places in the world and the people who live there are very special.  It might just inspire a stop on our journey.  Enjoy the journey, it is after all, that we have…..

Loving life when I go to different places