Take Action

We see, we feel, we are affected – it is what happens on the THPL journey.  We need and want this to be one of the reasons for living the THPL way.  And it is from this “inspiration”, or being affected, that we realize the only practical thing to do is to take action.  We can all make a difference, it is only if we choose to do so that the impact is felt. We can do this in so many ways, some subtle, some explicitly.  We can use our voice, our phones, the way we live, what we do and how we think.   All that needs to happen is to take action with these facilities and we can effect social change.  We know what is needed, now all we have to do is act on it.  So, here’s to taking action and making a difference!  There is no better time than now…..

Loving life when I take action