Summer Camp

It is that time of year when we get the chance to think about how we are going to spend our summer.  Whether it be a vacation, or time off, or just how to do things differently, summer affords us the opportunity to mix it up, to do what it is we want to do.  And so what if we do something that is reminiscent of those times of freedom and youthfulness, what if we could take some time, in a dedicated and focused way to practice what it that is we love and what we are looking to get better in.  What if we go to summer camp a few days, a weekend, a week (or two), and make it into a version of summer camp where from dawn to dusk we focus on what it is we are passionate about.  Think of how much we could advance our abilities and have fun at the same time.  Seems like we might want to build this into our plan for this summer.

Loving life when I go to summer camp