A show of humanity

We have, an obligation, as we pass along through our THPL journey, to be good to all of the people whom we meet, interact with, see, touch and feel.  We all share the same core, one of being members of the human race, people all who are connected, to be respected, and to be cared for when required.  The world is an amazing place when we keep this front and center in all that we do. And so while none of us are quite sure there is a perfect answer to the US immigration topic we do know that we always have to have a show of humanity for people who are just looking for a better life.  There is only care and a sincere willingness to help that should be brought to situations like this.  Let’s all remind ourselves that it is through a show of humanity that we can make the world a better place for all.  Let’s get to it!

Loving life when I can show a level of humanity to people around us