a moment to reflect

It seems that we are busier than ever, fitting in all that we can on our THPL journey.  We are reading more, exercising more, working more, volunteering more and just much more.  And it might seem that there is little to no time to reflect, to think, to take in all that we are doing and do it better.  We know, though, that this is not the case, we have many opportunities to reflect and absorb what we are doing.  We might want to make it happen by combining two activities - go for a run and do some thinking for example and or just find a few minutes in the day to stop for a moment and direct our energies inwardly so that we could get the best out of our journey.  There is so much for us to dig into and grab hold of and we can do it whenever we want in any way that we want, and this is just the best idea that we can seize on, for sure.

Loving life when I take a moment to reflect