Local community

It can be said that he who hangs out in the right places and with the right people gets access to better ways of living and better opportunities.   And it appears that the CDC agrees with this given the recent study that they performed where they used the federal government exercise guidelines that recommend that every week we do “muscle-strengthening” activities at least twice, along with 150 minutes of “moderate intensity” aerobic physical activity. Seems that this is a reasonable ask.  The sadness of this is that even when we zone in the best of our states only 32.5% meet the goals and on the bottom end only 13.5 of U.S. adults actually manage to work out this much during their leisure hours.  There is little that can get in the way of something that is so important to us as exercise is and it seems that our local communities should do a better job supporting exercise and giving us a chance to get better and better.

Loving life when I hang in the right community