Thank you

It seems that if you put in enough effort along the way on the THPL journey that there will be times when others will enter our lives and bring help, support, encouragement, and so much more.   And so, it seems that we need to be ready, at every moment, to bring out one of the most sincere things that we can say to someone else -  “thank you”..  Thank you, a polite and sincere way of recognizing the actions, thoughts or gesture of someone – maybe we know and maybe not.  Hearing thank you seems to make all of our efforts ok, worthwhile, meaningful.  A thank you is something to practice and be good at giving and receiving.  It really is a heartfelt connection amongst people and it truly goes a long way to building the right kind of community and the right kind of relationship between and among people.  Thank you, two very powerful words.  Let’s use them…..often

Loving life when I hear thank you!