Taking care

As we go along on our THPL journey there will be moments and opportunities where we can go beyond ourselves and think about the community we are part of and the things that people need. We know that there are always people who have less than us (in many forms) and we can spend some time thinking about how we can help them.   Our help can take many forms – our time – our resources – our ideas – our relations – even just a welcoming “ear” to listen to someone.  The key, though, is to act on the giving and the taking care.  Set a plan, make it happen.  We can make it a daily activity, weekly, monthly but the most important thing to do is to be consistent in our actions.   We can actually take care of others, make them feel great, make ourselves feel wonderful and all in all, make the community a better place to be part of.  It is up to us – let’s take care of others and all the rest will fall into place….

Loving life when I am taking care of others