Seems that if we are on the THPL journey that there is little time to stop and appreciate our surroundings.  Maybe, though, it is good for us if we take a moment and notice what is around us and then even turn our gaze up to the sky to appreciate what is there.  The stars, constellations and planets are there for us to admire, to look at and be inspired by the majestic and mysterious nature of the night sky.  It gets even more interesting when we have some of the planets showing themselves, unlike other times.  Saturn’s rings will be at nearly full tilt, providing quite a show.  And this summer Mars will be about as close to the Earth as it gets, shining brighter in the sky than we will ever see.  Of course, the big dipper and Orion’s belt are always there for us to admire.  So, let’s take a moment, dim the lights nearby and turn our gaze to the sky – we will be happy we did.

Loving life when I am admiring the night sky