Love that smile

Whether directly or indirectly we have an opportunity, while on our THPL journey, to make an effort to help others.  And there are so many ways that we can help.  It all starts with understanding what it is that they need.  It takes a bit of effort to find out how we can help but this is the place to start.  We can find out if they could use some coaching, supporting, cheering on, so many options.  Of course, there are times when we can get a bit more personal and give something that we have that would be truly appreciated by others.  It could be a donation of something to someone who does not have it, and in this example, the donation of hair from many people to create a wig for a young girl (see video link below).  With no hair from a tough set of treatments, the gift of a real wig is one of the best things that can happen to someone who has had a rough go of it.  A feeling of semi-normal that the wig can create is a way to generate a smile that is impossible to simulate and when we see it hard not to feel moved by.  There are opportunities every day to support someone and to bring their spirit to a new place, one that might not have been common as of late.  So, let’s see how we can support giving a smile to someone……a better gift would be hard to contemplate.

Loving life when we give a smile to someone